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Photos, sets and videos of Candydoll models.
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WLC-Thread Candydoll Sharechan
File: 148716240890.jpg - ( 1.43MB , 3596x1800 , WLC.jpg )
223 No. 223
My Thread here. :)

>> No. 363
I have never any problems with mirrorcreator.
You must enable Jave in your Browser.
And Mirrorcreator ARE RECOMMENDED AND ENCOURAGED on this Board.

>> No. 366

Half the known Internet requires java. Mirrorcreator is the best, as it lets you pick your favourite host (I use ZippyFiles, no wait time, speedy downloads).

You're just hamstringing yourself. Protip: use java/javascript and install NoScript.

>> No. 370
Any chance for all models set's and vid's in 1 file? It takes much time to download all files.

>> No. 371
Any chance for all models set's and vid's in 1 rar file? It takes much time to download all files.

>> No. 372
In the picture you posted who are the girls in the middle and left and what sets are those pictures from? They are very beautiful!

>> No. 374
>>370 >>371 >>372
Modelsname are: 1. ElonaV 2. MayaL 3. ElisaM
Look in my Mega-Thread or download the .txt file >>356 all Models are included.

>> No. 375

you guys are making the same mistake as others. these sites don't require java. very few websites require java anymore. you're thinking of javascript.

some non browser applications require java. unless you intend on using the rare few sites that need it, you should disable java in your browser.

>> No. 376

welovecandydoll doesn't do it that way. for one thing, the host that he uses don't allow for any file over 200 mb's.

number 2. anytime you can pick and choose which sets or videos that you want without needing to download a 10 gb file is a good thing. many of us already have some of these sets. why make us take everything when we don't need or want it all?

plus welovecandydoll uses real fast host choices, so download speed shouldn't be an issue.

keep up the great work welovecandydoll!

>> No. 377

from left to right

elona v. set 2
maya l. set 24
elisa m. set 12

>> No. 378
I have never had any problems with MIr either but I DON'T have Java enabled, installed even. Do you mean javascript?

>> No. 379
>>375 >>378
Yes we mean Javascript; not Java Runtime or other Java Code.

Yes that is right, Zippyshare the Mean Sharehoster allows files as far as 200MB.
And why I upload all Sets and Vids in example MayaL in one file if you need a few Sets and Vids from her.

Install Noscript, HTTPS-Everythere and UBlock-Origin in your Browser and disable the Flas-Plugin.
But you must pick Mirror and Zippy in the Whitelists.

>> No. 381
Yeah, he probably means Javascript. Mirrorcreator needs javascript only and it works just fine.

Last but not least: thank you WLC for all the hard work!

>> No. 446
Sorry but all the links require java which no one should allow. It reveals you.

>> No. 448
You must enable Java-Script in your Browser.

>> No. 473
That's his point: you do not enable java in your browser. Ever. The people who post should use decent download sites like maybe get.cc, that not only do not give you a shitload of popups but do not require java.

>> No. 481
Klara H sets 8 & 9 - are the posted anywhere?

>> No. 494
The link for Maya L VIP set 2 is wrong.
It is the link for the video instead.

>> No. 496
No, they don't exist. Just seven sets, but nine vids.

>> No. 524
Sorry false Post. I have corrections this. Set VIPMayaL02 is included now. ;)

>> No. 586
File: 149241041942.png - ( 407.44KB , 640x360 , LauraB.png )
I want Laura-B 22.
Set & vid.

>> No. 591

does not exist

>> No. 743
I don´t know why the Admin have erase my Mega-Thread.
I wantet to erase a couple of Posts and Admin erase my complete Thread.^^
But I have create a new Mega-Thread in the Candydoll-Section. ;)
Look here --> >>651
Or look in my .txt file under LauraB >>583

>> No. 761

WLC, in the future don't make a post for the admin to delete posts or threads... to easy for a misunderstanding that way. Instead, just click the little box next to the posters name (Anonymous), then go to the bottom of the page where the "REPORT POST" box is, write in a reason why the post should be deleted, then click on "Report".

It's usually meant for people to report someone breaking the rules, but I can see no reason why you can't use the same thing to ask for certain posts to be deleted. Just make sure that you mention who you are ("WLC"). Pretty sure Admin knows you by now. :)

>> No. 763
I wantet to clean up my Thread from older Posts like this --> >>742
I believe the Admin would like that I move my Mega-Thread in the Candydoll-Section.
>>592 That is my Download-Thread
>>223 That is my Discussion-Thread. Have any a Question or a Request please write here.

>> No. 769
I believe that one of the last VIP Sets from BellaK 19, 20 or 21. This Sets are missing.
PS: Answer here in my Discussion-Thread. ;)

>> No. 853
Admin can you erase this post, this is not up to date.

>> No. 857

WLC, like I've told you before, if you check the little box at the beginning of the post in question (just before the word "Anonymous") and then post a reason you want the post removed at the bottom of the page in the "report post" box, the admin would probably take care of it.

>> No. 860
Might you have any Begha B sets?

>> No. 862
No I have only two BegheB Vids. :(

>> No. 879
Look in my Mega-Thread. BegheB Vids are here. ;)
http://www.sharechan.org/candydoll/res/592.html#i592 >>738 >>739

>> No. 1737

>> No. 1996
There's a 404 on the new link, too. Not sure what's going on with that.

>> No. 2382
File: 150807726533.jpg - ( 97.67KB , 575x719 , TwoYearsWLC.jpg )
Two Year Anniversary of WeLoveCandydoll!
Thanks an all for this beautiful place.

My First Post: ;)

>> No. 2698
Did i miss the post with the passwords? WeLoveCandydoll! does not seem to work.

>> No. 2699

>> No. 2723
LesyaB Sets/Vids are here --> >>806
AnniC Sets/Vids are here --> >>1586

>> No. 2838
My Uploads from WLC January 2018

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